Must-do weekly marketing

I'm updating the Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar for 2009 and I need your help.

One reason for the plan is to make sure the most important marketing tasks are on "paper" and top of mind, so that when things get busy, you don't drop the ball with your marketing. Because you know what happens then…you forget what you're supposed to be doing and before you know it, Feast or Famine sets in.

So my question to you: what are the top 3 marketing activities that you do (or know you should do) every week?

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9 thoughts on “Must-do weekly marketing

  1. 1) Reach out to existing clients
    2) Identify new prospects (Cold calls-Yikes!)
    3) Attend targeted networking events
    These are the three that I know I should be doing, in addition to keeping up with my newsletter, website, blog, etc. And yes, it would be helpful to have a daily or weekly checklist: Did you call 3 clients today?

  2. Send Thank you cards to existing clients.
    Send Referral Reward gift to referrer.
    Send Welcome Kits to new clients.
    Send Tom’s Tuesday Tips via email
    That is 4, is that OK?
    Tom Larsen

  3. • Followup with prospects and clients regarding projects that are in the pipeline, proposals that are still out, etc.
    • Identify new prospects and potential project work from existing clients;
    • send out my monthly newsletter.
    Additionally, a couple of my housekeeping tasks include keeping my work updated on the website, posting blog entries, and attending at least two networking events a month.

  4. -look for networking opportunities
    -follow up with those you met there
    -get the e mails into the follow up machine
    Can you guess I just got back form one!

  5. Great question!
    1. Connect with customers and prospects
    2. Read industry publications on your industry and your client’s industry to stay up to date on key trends
    3. Blog

  6. – Get in touch with clients and prospects (via phone or via e-mail)
    – Post something new on my website
    – Revise my Google Adwords campaigns

  7. First, I’d say make sure that you allot 1 hour per day. If you aren’t booked solid yet, use even more time for marketing.
    1. Introduce two people who are relevant to each other in some way, whether business or personal.
    2. Keep a list of 20 people that you want to directly reach out to. Perform one act of direct outreach every working day.
    3. Send a card everyday. Send a thank you, an unexpected card to a client, past client, referral partner, etc.

  8. 1. Check in with clients I haven’t talked to lately (usually via email)
    2. Send Thank You cards (or add names to my list of people to send cards to)
    3. Work on articles or research for my next e-newsletter issue

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