Phone + LinkedIn = Success!

I got this message recently from Kelly Rutherford, a member of my Beginner Marketing Group:

I've been successfully calling my prospects this week. It's going very smoothly in fact. Once you get to picking up the phone – it's actually easy.  They can't see me and I can't see them. I'm not afraid now! (Thank you Ilise for pushing me out of the nest.)

I love the way Kelly is integrating LinkedIn and picking up the phone—and for those of you who need a boost of confidence (that it’s not that hard or scary!) this might do it. Here’s exactly what she’s doing:

I check out the people I'm trying to contact on LinkedIn. I'm able to see the groups they belong to which gives me an opportunity to join up.  This saves a tremendous amount of time since they are all professionals working in marketing. They already belong to clubs that I need to be involved in as well. All I have to do is join.

How are you integrating tools to help you reach your market?

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