Words of Wisdom on Proposals, Retainers and More

I'm kicking off 2014 with a podcast/interview with marketing consultant and creative director, Jim Gorman of Gorman360. Jim and I have been working together for 3 years — in fact, he we started working together just before he was offered the "opportunity to retire" after 30 years as a "big agency" Creative Director and started his own business full time.

Although the main focus of our wide-ranging conversation is Jim's proposals and how they got him 4 retainer clients in his target market: the aviation industry, he shares so many best practices and articulates so much common sense that I wanted everyone to hear from him directly.

In our conversation, he explains: 


*Illustration by Ian Keith – http://www.imagicon.ca/
  • why he's pursued retainer clients and why it's good for his business (and his clients' too!)
  • how retainer arrangements make for stronger relationships with clients
  • why charging by the hour is a losing proposition for everyone
  • how to show your proficiency without doing spec work
  • how and when to itemize costs in a proposal (and when not to)
  • how to upsell a client on more than they asked for
  • why his "terms and conditions" page has lots of whitespace (if you need a contract template, check out the "Contract Creator" from Freelancers Union 

You'll also hear his uber-confident and clear, 3-story elevator pitch that celebrates his brain and makes the case for the benefits (to his clients) of his independence. Listen to the interview here.

P.S. This podcast was originally created for my "proposal" session of Ed Gandia's Close the Deal program — that's why, in it Jim and discuss in depth what it is about his proposals that win him the job. One of those proposals is available for sale as part of the Designer's Proposal Bundle Volume 2 (it's #3 of 9 sample proposals). To get the others, you'll have to wait for the next session of Close the Deal — sign up to be notified about that here: http://closingmoredeals.com/


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